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January 25, 2010

Moving to New Blog Platform

I've decided to move to Wordpress, to have more flexibility and storage.  This will be the last post on this blog, and new postings will only be on WordPress Art Spirals at http://rachelm.wordpress.com Hope to see you there!

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January 07, 2010

This time the kids' studio/art closet


This art closet of the girls was an "absolute TIP"  as they'd say in England.  I think that means a totla mess.  it had become one of those closets that you fearfully open, shove something in quickly  and slam the door before it, or anything else, jumps out at you.  The deal with DH is that once this is clean, and painted on the outside, then I can start painting rooms a color other than apartment white.  We own the house, I'm ready after 7 years, for more than a touch of color.  anyway...this was one of our big jobs (my daughter and I) over the Christmas break and we're quite pleased with it.

Stay tuned for some paper ephemera give aways.  I have good tut/stuff, and will ship for the price of postage.  More later on that...

Her backs are as good as her fronts: Stitched treasures from my sister


Here are the latest creations made by my seamstress extraordinaire sister, Marti.  I exagerate from time to time, but this is NO exaggeration.  This is a knitted purse she made for our 9 yr old daughter, it's bands of moss stitch and garter, ribbing top and a cording made by double pointed knitting needles, no stitching involved.  Makes me want to take up knitting, after disasterous results when I was 12. 

The crocheted heart necklace with embroidery is for our younger daughter, 7.  It goes lovely with the crocheted shirt she made her for her birthday...didn't upload a picture of that yet 

She made each a tatted star ornament that she designed herself, with iridescent bugle beads for the star arms.  So lovely. 

If you'd like to see more photos of her work , click on the link at the bottom to see Santas, hardanger ornaments and box tops, needlepoint, etc. she's made me over the years. 

From Marti's work

January 02, 2010

Crimson finished, five more to go!

From Palette

Crimson is the next color on this particular palette.  Notice the cool folk art bird bead near the top?  at the bottom right there are ruffles of seed beads.  Several beads with other hints of colors in them, such a gold stripes and shades of the same crimson.  Maybe it needs a few more helicopters, near the bird's head. 


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December 27, 2009

Three more paint blobs


My beaderly take on "burnt sienna".  There's a pendant, couched with beads, bugle rows in two finishes, imitation coral/reindeer antlers give it height, as well a lots of other small and larger beads.








Liberal interpretation of "cadmium orange'.  Lots of different finishes playing off each other freeform jumble of beads overtop the paler peach button (front and center) helps integrate it into the whole.  Several larger beads, bugle rows, fringes, stacked single stitch, etc. enliven the "blob".




And  "cad red".  Again, following the theme of multi layers, multi finishes to give it interest.  This one has sequins in various sizes in areas, beads, large and small, fringes, stacked stitches, and bugle paths with smaller bugles this time.








And then here are other views of the blobs.






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December 26, 2009

Teacup pincushion flower pin

CIMG1624.JPGMade this pincushion with a pin backing for Wendy this Christmas.  I followed this great tutorial from the Object Project: http://theobjectproject.typepad.com/the_object_project/20...l  and some of it  was using recycled clothing items.  I love doing that!  makes garage saling more fun to view all clothes as potential fabrics for art!

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November 28, 2009

Beads assembled

They're all assembled now. Culled from lots of other beads in bags, sorted by color, a nice pinch of each into one bottle per palette color, I can see I'm low on purple, which is VERY hard to believe! Hmmm...a shopping trip, again, is in order??

From Palette

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