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April 04, 2009

Cactus coincidence

Today my Mother in Law and I went on a tour of five cactus gardens, hosted by the local rock garden/cactus club. Several of them were phenomenal, including the one in Kern Place. When we pulled up to the house, I realized I had sketched the house in the past several months, and happened to have that sketchbook along with me. I haven't had as much sketch time recently, so it's still in my car, waiting to be filled up!

So I took it over to show the owner. What a neat thing! It made our garden tour more special, and I got to see that inside the garden gate is even more lovely than outside it! So I don't believe I shared this with you all, and since I scanned it to email her, I'll post it here:

From Drawing 2008

Inside her garden she also has a dead fruit tree -- but hers is upright and used to hang baskets of flowers and garden art on. Ours is upside down in one of the gardens and I use it to train up Lady Banks' rose vine with an orange bells bush inside the teepee of its branches.

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Rainbow Dollhouse

Last week I got a partially constructed victorian balsa wood dollhouse at a garage sale -- for free! The folks were so frustrated with it, they wanted it off their hands. So the girls and I glued it together last Sat night...we had a blast, and this weekend, they and I (well, mostly they!) painted it. And here it is in all its glory!

From Kids' Art

From Kids' Art

Swirls of color

Here are two views of the surface of the veggie juice I made last night. It's a combo of beet, carrot, spinach, apple and parsnip, and wow, was it yummy! And artsy too!

From Cool Things

From Cool Things