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April 04, 2009

Cactus coincidence

Today my Mother in Law and I went on a tour of five cactus gardens, hosted by the local rock garden/cactus club. Several of them were phenomenal, including the one in Kern Place. When we pulled up to the house, I realized I had sketched the house in the past several months, and happened to have that sketchbook along with me. I haven't had as much sketch time recently, so it's still in my car, waiting to be filled up!

So I took it over to show the owner. What a neat thing! It made our garden tour more special, and I got to see that inside the garden gate is even more lovely than outside it! So I don't believe I shared this with you all, and since I scanned it to email her, I'll post it here:

From Drawing 2008

Inside her garden she also has a dead fruit tree -- but hers is upright and used to hang baskets of flowers and garden art on. Ours is upside down in one of the gardens and I use it to train up Lady Banks' rose vine with an orange bells bush inside the teepee of its branches.

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October 09, 2008

Flower sketches

From Drawing 2008
From Drawing 2008
The Cosmos pencil sketch was such fun to do, and an eyeopener. I used direction from this book Arnosky, Drawing from Nature that has wonderful illustrations and clear writing. The amazon link I've chosen has the jacket cover, so you can see how wonderful his illustrations are. He says: Look closely at the opened flowers and stil unopened buds. Then imagine how the flowers bloomed from the buds." First time I'd done that, and it was educational. I'll definitely approach flowers that way again.

More life drawing

More life drawing classes. Most poses are held 30 minutes, with a break in the middle. During the break, I usually try to change my angle and sketch the pose from that difference.

From Drawing 2008
From Drawing 2008
From Drawing 2008
and then these were from this week's class. I thought it was smart of the model to bring a book to read. I can't imagine holding still this long, if I were the model!

From Drawing 2008
From Drawing 2008
From Drawing 2008
In these I found that I made her torso too tall, in each of the three drawings, but I was able to "see" it, and correct it, so that made me happy. Part of the height difference is that her lower body is closer to me, so it'll be bigger in comparison to what's further back, that's perspective.

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September 30, 2008

Life drawing

I've started taking life drawing lessons, and wow, I've learned so much in the two classes so far! it's exciting to learn how to break down figures (or trees, landscapes, etc.) into basic shapes, get the proportions right, and then refine. as I suspected, the skills learned apply to much more than just drawing people. And drawing people is not really what I'm interested in. I'm much more interested in closeups of nature, almost to the point of abstraction, and beautiful architecture. today is another class...can't wait! so here are some pics from last week:

From Drawing 2008
From Drawing 2008

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March 27, 2008

What McDonald's means to me

From Drawing 2008
Here's my view of McDonald's, at least of their playground. I finally picked up my sketchbook again, after leaving it for over two months, and drew this view of one of my kid's shoes in the shoe cubby while she was at play.

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Quick figure sketches

I took a solo road trip with my kids this week. it was an adventure, a bit of a challenge since it was the first time I'd driven four hours with my kids by myself. I downloaded two Narnia books and they were a lifesaver. We were all fascinated with listening to them, and it kept the kids quiet. They drew and looked out of the window while they listened.

We went to a river and a lake to play, on two separate days, and I did quick sketches of them (they of course were in constant motion) so it was challenging, but I think i captured their likenesses in several of the sketches. Here they are:

From Drawing 2008
J at the river.

From Drawing 2008
L at the river

From Drawing 2008
Both of them. We saw boats being unloaded and loaded at the boat ramp, birds, insects, rocks, etc. etc. lots of good outdoor fun!

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January 15, 2008

2008 starts off with a bang...

and hopefully doesn't end with a whimper! I was going strong there for a week or so, took a couple of days off, but i'll be back. Most of what I produced wasn't worth photographing...not sure these are either. HA. but here are the better sketches for the year so far...

Nuts is the EDM challenge for the first week of January. These are from nuts that my older daughter got from Santa, along with a nutcracker. One of two things she wanted from Santa...

Side of the hotel in Ruidoso, NM where we went up for a fun play in the snow. it had some interesting features to help its standard boring architecture.

first sketch of one of my favorite santas, a candle holder that shines out the light through the star holes of his head and clothes. This is the first time in awhile I tried sketching simple circles and ovals to get the shape and then made the lines more definite. amazing that it works to well to get things in proportion!

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