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January 02, 2010

Crimson finished, five more to go!

From Palette

Crimson is the next color on this particular palette.  Notice the cool folk art bird bead near the top?  at the bottom right there are ruffles of seed beads.  Several beads with other hints of colors in them, such a gold stripes and shades of the same crimson.  Maybe it needs a few more helicopters, near the bird's head. 


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December 27, 2009

Three more paint blobs


My beaderly take on "burnt sienna".  There's a pendant, couched with beads, bugle rows in two finishes, imitation coral/reindeer antlers give it height, as well a lots of other small and larger beads.








Liberal interpretation of "cadmium orange'.  Lots of different finishes playing off each other freeform jumble of beads overtop the paler peach button (front and center) helps integrate it into the whole.  Several larger beads, bugle rows, fringes, stacked single stitch, etc. enliven the "blob".




And  "cad red".  Again, following the theme of multi layers, multi finishes to give it interest.  This one has sequins in various sizes in areas, beads, large and small, fringes, stacked stitches, and bugle paths with smaller bugles this time.








And then here are other views of the blobs.






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November 28, 2009

Beads assembled

They're all assembled now. Culled from lots of other beads in bags, sorted by color, a nice pinch of each into one bottle per palette color, I can see I'm low on purple, which is VERY hard to believe! Hmmm...a shopping trip, again, is in order??

From Palette

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November 14, 2009

Bead paint anyone?


Isn't the start of a new project invigorating?  I just LOVE it...so much so that I often don't finish a project just to hook into the excitement of a new one.


I had this heavy foamcore/cardboard shape from a collection of bath gels, dyed cotton batting and had fun with my embellisher.



And here's the first "paint" and the sideview.  Click on the photos for a more detailed view.



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October 26, 2009

The Mommy Glove wins!

From The Mommy Glove-- Finished June 2008 -- prize winner October 2009!!

The Mommy Glove won the Lelaroy Williams prize in the Arts International show, sponsored by the El Paso Art Association, in October 2009.  And it came with real money! Imagine! Yes, that's me with an artistically draped double splint covering my broken wrist. 

Here's a closeup of the case with the mirror back.

I've blogged about this before. Items had to be for sale to be included in the show, so I decided to put a price of $16000 on the glove, so that it wouldn't sell.  I definitely want to keep it!   Click on the picasa album address to see pics of the glove in progress.

June 27, 2008

Silk cuff

Here's what I made from my first silk fusion lessonWendy gave me this spring. I stitched it onto a piece of yellow suede, covered it with water soluble fabric to not get my sewing foot trapped in the fuzzy layers, without thinking. So I tried to use a brush with water to dissolve the fabric, but I wasn't happy with it, so I dunked it. It dried, of course, the silk paper isn't as soft and wonderful as it was, but that's ok. I then cut up squares from the lime green dyed tablecloth used to make the postcard, shown yesterday, stitched it on with beads and sequins, through a copper metal lace ribbon. Then stitched it onto the blank, and glued the ultrasuede backing onto the inside. Fiddly work, but I like the outcome...although, it may be too hot to wear it here in the summer!

June 16, 2008

Step by step -- Beaded landscape

I've had an idea floating in my head for awhile using funky resin beads from a vintage 60s necklace. The beads are in colors I'm not used to using: reds, yellows, oranges, but I'm loving them now. So I was originally going to bead the whole thing, but then thought...make a landscape collage from fabrics and then embellish to the hilt! So for Father's Day, my dh took the kids ice skating -- wonderful thing to do when it's 105 degrees here (yuch) -- and I had some me/art time for the first time in weeks. it felt wonderful. So I auditioned various fabrics using the black and white photo trick to see if the values would work. here's some of my process and the finished result:

The black and white and color versions of the same fabrics. Values are too close together and the sky is too bright.

Covered the sky with a gauze hanky, it muted it, but the flower design of the hanky gets in the way and there isn't a blank gauze area big enough.

So when things started working right, I forgot to take pics along the way. Here's the finished product (at least pre beading), fused down with a lovely piece of handdyed fabric from Anne Marie (Thanks!) as the lake.

I think the values work: dark in front, medium, light and lightest in back near the horizon. and I used white netting over the sky to tone it down.

And now on to the FUN part -- BEADING! and it's a good "carry in the car" project for the next couple of weeks of mini vacations.

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