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June 16, 2008

Finit! The Mommy Glove finished

It's finally done, and yet it doesn't seem like it took long at all. A wonderful 9 months of work -- how fitting. I'll explain the symbolism of the piece. Mommy is who I am now (at least partly) to my two girls, ages 5 and 7. So this glove describes memories of being a mom. First, the four silver butterflies on the M are for the four miscarriages we had prior to our first child. Both girls are represented with ever growing butterflies on the first and ring fingers. The white owl under the O of mommy is for Harry Potter -- I've read the first five volumes to them and we've loved them. The blocks are for toys, the silver large hand and four small hands to the left of it are for growing hands and my hand training them.

The doll, is obvious. She has a piece of beadweaving half visible under her skirt that reminds me of learning this with my sweet older sister, Marti.

The heart and sequins in bright colors above the word Mommy are for living in this colorful border town of El Paso. The triathalon symbols in the yellow area symbolize our girls' love of this sport -- and they're quite good at it too!

Now, on to the fingers. The thumb is for my older daughter who loves lizards and nature...see the lizard charm where the thumbnail would be. The first finger has a paw for our older dog Cody who died last year. The three stars in a row are for Orion's belt. I remember teaching them that constellation when they were still in a double stroller and we had both dogs hooked up to the front, like reindeer, and we were pretending we were Santa in his sleigh.

The third finger has frilly and iridesent and pink stuff, see the little purse?, for the dress up phases they both went through, and the younger one is still in. The ring finger has a silver snowflake embedded in it and cold blue/ice colors for the snow that we have fun playing in in the mts of New Mexico. And the pinky finger has a fish on it, for our two fish in our new pond: Bertrick and Fishy. Also the sign language letters are: TLC and my older daughter loves learning sign language, she did that all through first grade. I am considering submitting it to our local Arts International show (for artists in TX, NM, and the mexican state of Chihuahua), but it says that all submissions must be for sale. Of course I don't want to sell this, it's too personally meaningful for me. However, now that it's finished, it's the memories and the process of doing it that are more important to me than the finished piece. My girls though, will definitely want to have this when they get older. So I guess I could submit it with an outrageous price tag -- $7000?? -- and I'd think no one would buy it. Hmmm.... The bead competitions that I've found so far, don't seem to mind if it's been displayed on a blog already (there has been some talk involving quilts onthe Quilt Art group) and the piece doesn't have to be for sale on them. So maybe I'll do those too/instead. Any advice for me?

March 17, 2008

Oh so close, yet oh so far...

I've been making progress on my Mommy Glove, quite excited about it actually. I'd really like it to be finished, though, because I have a fabulous idea for another project, and one that is completely outside my normal comfort zone in terms of color and design...one hint...the delicious orangish yellow background of these glove pics is the foundation for my next piece. I feel like it's close to being done, but yet I know that the remaining fingers, edges, and putting it together, making the armature, etc. will take a long time.

Close up. What's new is the whole background for "mommy" -- that writing is intentionally childlike. I added extra light pink to the lines of the M on the left, so that it would show up better. I'm quite in love with bugle beads lately, and I haven't been before. One of my favorite parts is the question mark.

Peyote ruffle, such fun to do, to be the "frilly" finger of the glove. The dress up purse, the pinks, the glitzy iridescent of the vintage button...all represent imaginative dress up time that's still a huge part of our kids' life.

Snowflake and cold finger...the girls LOVE snow since we hardly ever get it here in the desert southwest. See my Beaded Mini post on the joys of snow.

Fringe, etc. around the baby doll. Between the doll and the green fringe, is a sample of beadweaving I did four years ago on a visit from my sister, and I incorporated it here...it's hidden, but I know it's there!

Want to see a slideshow of the Mommy Glove pics?

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January 15, 2008

Mommy glove in progress

As I'm working on beading this glove, I intend for the entire top surface to be beaded, I'm realizing two things: I need to make more slits in the sides to be able to manouever better, and the lining paper is getting all twisted and curled and torn, not from beading but from "smushing around" inside there. I'm thinking of cutting the whole thing flat, adding new paper, beading it and then stitching it back up with a picot stitch and beads/fringe. what do you think? I think I can make that part of it fit into the whole thing, so that it won't have a jagged stitched together look. The full view.

Close up of the hands area. It represents the many hands I need, and also the growing hands of the kids and my own hand. The "blocks" are cool vintage beads from an estate sale necklace...not sure what they are made of .. bakelite? they're not plastic.
We had four miscarriages before we had our older daughter, so that's what the four butterflies on the M represent. That's from a vintage piece of jewelry. And of course the flying butterflies growing bigger and bigger are our two young girls.

I just love this heart with the bugle bead brilliant rays around it...it feels mexican to me, for some reason, must be the strong colors, which is appropriate since we live on the border.

isn't this doll baby adorable? estate sale find complete with the crocheted dress. 'course it represents the time they played/play with dolls.

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December 31, 2007

Beaded Glove

Here's a work in progress. I've dyed a vintage ladies' glove and I'm starting to bead it with motifs of motherhood. What I've gone through so far, stages my kids have had, etc. etc. I found it challenging to work within the constraints of the glove and still be able to insert the needle at the right angle needed to have the row of beads lie straight, so I made a small slit along the pinky finger and that has helped incredibly. It'll easily stitch up with picot edging or fringe, so I'm not worried.

From Beading

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